Nothing amazing happens here.
I had this,
if someone could find it for me that’d be great

I had this,

if someone could find it for me that’d be great

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I have decided that I will have a small get together at my small little apartment before school begins once again


and everyone will come, and it will be magical. or at least Merrisa, and hopefully Taylor and we will play with the pug and eat foods and play games and watch movies? then we can celebrate the last days of freedom prior to winter semester hell!

i dont know exactly, but it’ll be a small awesome party. probably on a weekday of sorts, otherwise Adam will feel very alienated.

ps. taylor and merrisa you’re invited :)
this must happen. I will even clean my apartment! lawl.

I enjoy this idea! :)

Crying all day: round 2


annd…i feel like i am going to be sick again.


i want everything to end.


New tumblrrrrr

If you delete I WILL FIND YOU

I will make sure to find you!! :)

probably deleting this

or at least not posting on it.

if I remake few of you will know.

Dumbledora the explora

Axis Powers Hetalia Dub.

"Japan and Germany never complained about sleeping with me."


I need this in my life.

I need this in my life.

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